Friday, September 19, 2008

All aboard!

Welcome to Cupcakesexpress! This blog is basically about stuff that revolves around me, anything that tickles my pickle, other than my love for baking and cooking of course. We shall leave that to my 1st born, Cupcakesordeath. 

Soon after I named this blog I realised that there are other ways to read the title than 'cupcakes-express', (depending on how cheeky you are). Suppose you break up the words and rearrange the letters, specifically the alphabet 's'? 

There are a couple of reasons why I came about this second blog (as if Cupcakesordeath is not a handful already). The first one has got to do with my Chinese culture. To keep the story short (believe you me I can be very long winded. I would take you from A-Z and back again when all I need to tell you ends at B). 

You see, my brother is getting married soon and well, yours truly here shamelessly voluntereed to make cupcakes as part of the betrothal gift. Of course it's perfectly fine to order the cakes from a bakery. But no, miss ambitious here just had to be well, ambitious. 

Here's a secret, it will be my first wedding cupcake project (gulp!). Though not many, perhaps a dozen boxes or so (unless mommy dearest changes her mind), it will be a wonderful challenge. I will need you guys to cross not only your fingers for me, but your limbs too.  

Why do I need to embark on such an enterprising task? Well, I gotta start somewhere. What better opportunity than your own brother's wedding? If anything should go awry, I'll play the family card. It's even easier since I'm the baby. All will be forgiven in the end, we are after all FAMILY. 
*Attention immediate family member specifically dearest Bro S & Sis In Law M who might be reading this: Everybody forgives the little sister.......err.....right?

Now where was I? Anyways back to my story, (A-Z, do you believe me now?) I intend to subtly include my 1st born's address on the cake boxes (this is of course IF I am happy with the end product). As you can see, the D word is in it. And I think it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it won't have any place at all in a wedding. And a Chinese wedding at that. I could just imagine the look of horror and disapproval on my aunts' faces. I must be planning my own F. So you understand my predicament now? 

The second reason is well......what if I come across something really really interesting and want to share it with you? I don't want to congest the other blog; this will be just the place, yes?

I will be putting up a few old posts from my Friendster blog. I hope you'll have fun reading them and drop me a line if you feel like it. Cheers!

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