Friday, September 19, 2008

Sibu Caveman

From my friendster blog, July 18th, 2006

This incident actually happened about 2 weeks back. I just have this sudden itch to b**** about it.

It was a pretty fine morning, 1st flight out of Sibu and I was positioned at the forward entry door. The flight was full, so that means 144 times of ‘good morning, selamat datang, selamat pagi’s…Never mind that, everything was swell….until this man appeared, clutching a copy of a Chinese daily. I bade him a cheery "Good morning." No reaction. Never mind. Honestly, I am quite used to being ignored at a greeting.

Then he looked up at me and he had this smirk plastered on his face (I suppose he read something that amused him) and he was looking at me…waiting for me to react to his expression. Sensing that he wanted to communicate (eye contact made mah…) I asked him, "Something funny about the news sir?".

He smirked further and pointed at the headline.(actually, it was like a Neanderthal poking at a slab of meat)

I replied, "I’m sorry sir but I can’t read Chinese."

Caveman suddenly realised that he could speak after all, eyed my name tag with his piggy eyes and hissed, "You Chinese ar? Don’t know Chinese, so poor!"

Wow, this I am definitely NOT used to! (You know during our training, we were advised not to challenge a passenger’s remark, regardless of the situation) But how could I keep quiet to such preconception? I replied calmly, "Yes I am Chinese but I am English educated. Not necessarily poor." Still maintaining my smile but laced with disgust now.

Note that by then the caveman had waddled his way a little further down the aisle. I thought that was the end of it but no, caveman wanted to have the last word a.k.a bo kam guan, and barked, "No necessarlily? Go and arsk your farther lar!"

WTFudge…swear to God I really wanted to go over and b**** slap the guy. How dare he insult me. 1st my educational background, then conveyed his regards to my ‘farther’!

I knew that if I opened my mouth then, an argument would definitely ensue. But I managed to catch my colleague’s eye that signalled ‘leave it, it’s not worth it’. Knowing that he was right, I grudgingly continued with my duties.

Pity that I knew he was plain rude but I couldn’t pursue the matter further. But boy, if only I could, I’d take my time to literally translate the following phrase to him - Hell hath no fury as a stewardess scorned!

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